ABOUT Madam Elle

Hello! I'm Madam Elle!


Hi, my name is Elizabeth but you can call me Elle. I've been practicing art since a young age. I've been drawing for as long as I can remember and took up digital art and painting when I entered high school. When I graduated I quickly moved to Florida where I applied and entered in Full Sail University. I graduated with a B.S in Computer Animation but have been working more with digital illustration since it has always been my passion. 

Most of my experience has been in commissions from clients starting from high school. I used to submit my work on a website called DeviantArt and that's where I got my very first clients and experience in freelance work. Since then I have been working on my own personal projects such as comics and my youtube channel! My goal is to become an independent illustrator and published comic creator. One of my first projects is a comic called Miklos Power, a story set in a fantasy world that follows a sorcerer and his apprentice as they go about solving magical mysteries and curing people of their magical ailments. 

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